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hello and welcome to "live from paris." it is 1:00 p.m. in the french capital. let's look at headlines this hour. u.s. president offers to broker asease-fire in gaza palestinians say at least 100 have died since israel began their aerial campaign tuesday. johnsecretary of state kerry says afghanistan is at a critical moment as he heads to kabul. several thousand have gathered in bosnia for the 19th anniversary of the massacre of 8000 muslim men by ethnic kurds.
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will come back. upo this hour, germany gears for its eighth world cup final as they take on the argentinians sunday. as paris fashion week wraps up, we look at how hard it is to get your designs shown on the runway. first to our top story. u.s. president barack obama has offered to see fire -- broker a cease-fire in gaza. palestinian officials are saying at least 100 people have been killed since the aerial campaign began. israeli military says it is striking the hamas-ruled territory every 4.5 minutes having hit 1900 targets in the last three days.
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the israeli cabinet continues to debate the pros and cons of the ground offensive. jerusalem and tel aviv continue to find themselves under fire from hamas rockets. thomas waterhouse has more. >> firefighters hose down the remnants of a gas station, the aftermath of a huge explosion in the port city. a rocket fired from inside gaza struck a fuel tanker sending plumes of smoke into the air and a trail of injuries and its week. several people were wounded with one still in critical condition. this attack is thought to be the most serious in israel in four days of fighting. while there have been no fatalities on the israeli side, the military say 550 rockets have been fired at israel since tuesday, some lending more than 100 kilometers from gaza. three rockets were intercepted over tel aviv friday by the antimissile facility.
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air raid sirens still echoed across the city sending residents running for cover. for the first time on friday morning, they rang out as far north. also in the north, three rockets were fired in the don from southern lebanon. the military retaliated. no group has claimed responsibility. as a tax increase, the west as the tax increase -- as the tax increase, they are still contemplating the ground assault. >> we have seen further rockets this morning. i must this morning international areas --hamas is warning international area -- airports will continue to target the airport. >> there was a warning of the airport. people scurrying to bomb shelters. s taking off,plane
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arrivals delayed. having said that, i would say the hamas warning is still a threat. the truth about the hamas rockets is they are not targeted. they can point them somewhere and hope they land there. the capacity to actually target and reach the ben-gurion airport is limited. so far, no airlines have been called out. one did turn around. that was on the decision of the pilot. at the moment, the effect of that threat by hamas and the reality of what they can deliver are far apart. >> after four days of rocket fire, what is the mood of israelis? >> israelis are fed up. they left gaza in 2005. hamas was a player.
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in 2007, it took power by force. every two years or so since then, there is a conflict between israel and hamas, started, depending on your point of view, either by israel or hamas. they want you rockets to stop. that is the most common thing i hear from israelis. the people running to shelters feel they are enduring what people in the south of israel have been enduring for months. they're willing to put up with it. they are determined, if they think at the end of all this, they will be quiet. that is the question. will this military venture of quiet or we see more of the same afterwards? >> thank you. killedt six people were in the israeli predawn attack from gaza including the entire family after their home was
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bombed. the gaza strip toll has risen to at least 100, many civilians. we have this report from the embattled coastal strip. >> tears and blood in gaza as israel's latest for the palestinian enclave continues. 10 have been killed, hundreds wounded, including children. >> we received a call from israeli intelligence to evacuate the house. my son said, give us a few minutes because there are women and children in the house. they replied to get out, you have no time. before he hung up, the first missile landed. my son was inside with his mother. >> local leaders make the rounds of the hospital in a bid to show solidarity. they say palestinians are the victims, not the aggressors. >> i hope this will be finished.
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>> who is going --who will decide to finish it? hamas or israel? >> israel can stop. both sides can stop. [indiscernible] short lull between raids, some brush up to stock up on basic goods like bread. >> everyone needs to be careful. the situation is very tense with the bombing. it is hard to go out. when we do, we try to buy as much as we can for the whole family. >> demand is so high the breadmaker cannot guarantee he will be able to keep up for very long. he says he will soon run out of almost everything. >> of course, we are scared. the situation is quickly getting worse. there is no fuel, no flour, nothing. all the is from generators.
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when that is over, we will have to close. it is very bad. >> in the streets mean business slow to nonexistent even for those who sell cheap produce. he carefully chooses his words when we ask who is to blame. >> i don't blame anyone. i just want the situation to get better. i want them to open the crossing. we, the people, just want a better life. we want national unity. we want equality for the port. >> israeli army has also resorted to using cell phone .echnology in its war on gaza thousands of residents of the palestinian enclave have received messages telling them to stay away from those who shoot rockets because their homes will be destroyed. news, u.s. secretary of state john kerry says afghanistan is at a critical moment as he tries to resolve tensions over disputed potential
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vote. them in kabulwith this friday with both men having claimed to have won the election. visit toerry's afghanistan was hastily arranged. washington and its allies are concerned a dispute between resident of candidates could unravel democracy. showednary results afghani in front handily ahead of rival and favorite abdullah abdullah. both candidates have claimed victory. abdullah claims the runoff was a fraud and his supporters have even spoken of setting up a so-called parallel government, raising fears the afghan state could collapse. the electoral commission said there were irregularities and it would audit votes. the current president asked the united nations for help with the recount, a task that could take two weeks. hang on astability
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smooth transition as u.s. and other international forces recede, manye afghans fear the taliban could fill the vacuum. after billions of dollars, it is heavily invested in seeing off afghan democracy. barack obama warned if either candidate trying to seize power wrongfully, it would spell the end of u.s. financial aid to afghanistan. >> the german government has ordered the expulsion of a cia official in berlin in response to two cases of alleged spying by the u.s. the official is said to have been based at the american embassy in berlin in a scandal that has infuriated german politicians. last week, a 31-year-old intelligence employee was arrested on suspicion of spying for foreign powers since 2012. the german foreign minister says he will be meeting with the u.s. secretary of state this weekend and will raise the matter. government officials say possibly 30 government
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forces have been killed in pro-russian rebel attacks. we will bring you more details as they come to hand. people are picking up the pieces after pro-russian vessels -- rebels fled from the east. president portia ngo said the city had gone from a symbol of terror to violence -- the president said the city had gone from a symbol of terror and violence to one of liberation. residents are having a hard time putting their wives other. return, but there are scars of fighting. days ago, rebels fled the stronghold. life is trying to return to normal. the roadside café was destroyed in the fighting. the president came and promised to help us with money for reconstruction. that gives us hope they will help with renovation because i have lost my business and home. >> all but one street in a city that had 100,000 people is without electricity.
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in slaviansk, there is no power, no running water, no food. but most importantly, the fighting. --no fighting. >> people are trying to rebuild the infrastructure. there is no electricity, no phones, no water. the authorities have promised to fix it within a week. >> the shops are open. it has been so long since anyone has paid or work that life is a far cry from the way it was before the crisis. >> our president said he will reconstruct everything, fix everything and we will live happily ever after. but it is pathetic. >> when president poroshenko visited tuesday, he promised to restore army. he said the ukrainian army will liberate the rest of ukraine.
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for now, almost everyone here relies on humanitarian aid as they try to rebuild the city they call home. >> several thousand people had gathered in bosnia for the 19th anniversary of the massacre of 8000 muslim men by ethnic serb forces. a total of 175 newly identified victims will be laid to rest after a commemoration ceremony is held just outside the ill-fated bosnian town. for more on this anniversary, let's speak to our reporter in belgrade. it may be nearly 20 years, but the memories have not faded. the remains a painful source of tension between bosnian and serb communities because of conflicting memories. bosnia remembers the massacre that qualifies as genocide,
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while bosnian serbs say the civilian victims are being forgotten. serbia, one of the neighboring countries of bosnia, condemned thes ago the massacre at beginning a with the other war crimes but later as genocide. the bosnian serb government refused to do so. in bosnia, the debate about the responsibilities of the war is still rife. this is why the bosnian serbs refuse to condemn the massacre and collect a genocide. >> we have had another round of newly identified victims. is buried today. why has the added fixation process taken so long? -- why has the identification process taken so long? victims have been identified using dna techniques.
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that is 6000 of 8000 victims. this week, 135 are being buried. that can be deemed a relatively small number when one remembers between 400 and 600 victims were buried on the occasion of some commemorations in recent years. one major problem is the cost of the identification process. bodies have to be found, then reconstructed. the bones are often mixed. dna sampling is expensive. the process costs 1500 euros. >> thank you. moving on to world cup news. in a meeting with his fellow teammates, he broke down in tears claiming the challenge that ended his world cup came close to paralyzing him. the 22-year-old fractured a vertebra in his spine when he was need -- kneed in the back.
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>> brazil's star striker was back on the field at the training facility. he fought back tears when he spoke of his back injury. theractured a vertebrate in quarterfinal victory against columbia. >> if it was two more seven -- centimeters, i could have been in a world the best wheelchair. it is hard to talk about this. but such an important point in my career -- at such an important point in my career, to suffer with this, but it is part of it and it happened. >> the injury forced him to miss the semifinal when brazil lost to germany 7-1. >> the saddest inform me about everything -- the saddest thing for me about everything that happened with our defeat and marketing the title is we did not deserve to be eliminated like this. brazil'sar wants
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because rival, argentina, to win the cup so he can cheer on his teammates. >> i wish the best for both teams, doll i hope my teammates when -- win. i have two teammates who play for argentina. >> saturday, brazil will take the field for the last time this tournament facing off against the netherlands for third place. >> now for a recap of the headlines. the u.s. president is offering to broker a cease-fire in gaza as israeli politicians debate a ground offensive. palestinians are saying at least 100 people have died since israel began their aerial apartment campaign. secretary -- the u.s. of state says afghanistan is at a critical moment as he heads to kabul to resolve tensions over the disputed president to look.
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several thousand have gathered in bosnia for the 19th anniversary of the massacre of 8000 muslim men by ethnic serb forces. welcome back. it is time for the daily press review. has beenrushforth looking at the international papers. you have been looking at some israeli papers i understand. >> i turned to the most widely circulated paper in israel. why israelece saying needs to go into gaza. that is the whole debate and question the ground invasion. it argues that should take place because it will facilitate the hunt for rocket launchers. one of the arguments in that piece is the iron dome missile shield is prone to malfunction. the main message is senior hamas
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and jihad leaders have gone deep underground. you cannot get there with airstrikes -- get them with airstrikes. it says yes, go for the ground invasion. but don't rush into it. what we need as far as israel is concerned is successful airstrikes and then a ground soasion that will be smooth no israeli soldiers will be kidnapped and harmed. the newspaper on the left of the political spectrum in israel which is say we have usther operation ahead of like the one that dates back to 2008 during which hundreds of palestinians were killed. >> israel received a lot of international criticism for the operation. >> absolutely. heavily criticized. haretz is saying israel has not learned the lessons of that
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experience. we will will seen again the loss of innocent civilian life and this will lead to heavy criticism again. >> you have also been looking at palestinian papers. >> i turned to our colleagues on the arab language panel here. my colleague showed me a couple of palestinian papers. this means "jerusalem" in arabic. the editorial says the killing of gaza children is up seen -- obscene. it asks the question, is the blood of our children worth so little? the mood in another palestinian paper is perhaps more belligerent in favor of the palestinian militants. it is saying these fighters are making history against israel. they are defending the palestinian cause. it is pointing out the loss of
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innocent life is alarming. but there is that contrast between the two sides. >> not surprisingly, the french press have been leading with this story too. >> it is the top story for the west wing french paper. you can see the headline, "escalation." the gaza correspondent is saying palestinians are feeling anger and fear as the airstrikes hit. no onetorial is saying is going to win in this conflict. militaryel with its might may score a victory in terms of the army. but hamas will come out stronger politically because it will have been seen to defend the palestinian cause against an enemy. >> in sharp contrast, the french press are alarming about the weather. not surprisingly because it is
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horrific in france at the moment. on monday, you have a national holiday, bastille day. it is seen to be the beginning of the summer holiday. this is not the best weather to begin a summer vacation. >> it is extraordinary because july is when a group of people leave for the south. we have on the front page is umbrellas up, not for the sunshine before the rainy weather. it is like november. karen this -- horrendous. >> i think we should have a new summer, aled combination of winter and summer. >> this has five recommendations for people, for the one in four people who will not go away this summer. it says to put away your smart phone, get your book out. go and see your friends, plan a picnic. get out and about and have a holiday mood. >> i want to know as an
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australian how one can have a holiday when there is no sun. we will leave it at that. thank you. latest from our daily sports roundup. we begin with a look at the tour de france. >> andre has taken the first age stage win. alexander was put to the line as he was on tuesday. n continued his impressive run of top-five finishes in all 60 just so far. -- six stages so far. no change at the top of qualifications. pino lost a minute on the stage and is nearly 3.5 minutes behind. >> it was a stressful day.
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there were a lot of nerves, waterfalls -- a lot of false. but it all went well because of great teamwork. we have been upfront all race. there were a lot of crosswinds. eventually, we are happy because we had a great day. >> he has been talking about germany's 7-1 fracturing of brazil on tuesday. the veteran striker started the match for only the second time in brazil and helped to guide his side to an eight world cup final. quick to highlight they are not getting ahead of themselves just yet. with regards to the first question, we certainly enjoyed the match against brazil. but ever since last night, the focus has been on argentina in the final.
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it will be a totally different game. we will have to put in everything we have once again. it is a final. no doubt about that. i know how bad it feels to lose a final, so i'm confident we will take this opportunity and it will be our turn. we have the opportunity to win this match. the scale of the results slightly overshadowed the goal as he became the all-time leading world cup goal scorer with his 16th. it was better he was in the stadium and i overtook him in a match playing against brazil. he sent me a, message saying welcome to the 15 club before the game. . can only send a message back
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16, everybodylub is invited. >>gg99ññwççñmwcxcxcxcxgñxñw
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>> hello and welcome to "the health show." today, some new and old thinking is transforming health all around our planet. coming up in the program, caring for newborn babies in a hospital built entirely of the shipping

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